Candor — retro-modern variable and condensed font

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Candor — retro-modern variable and condensed font

Troisième Type
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Candor is a tall & elegant unicase font family offering modularity.

Candor takes its inspiration from 70’s retro-modern fonts, adding a touch of class and quality to your design. The font features 11 weights, with a stencil and a runic variant. Plus, it is variable!

Want to use Candor for ads, movie titles, apps or software?
Please contact hey@troisieme-type.com for a custom license.

Designed by Emmeran Richard, for Troisième Type.

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11 styles
Thin + Extra Light + Light + Regular + Stencil + Rune + Medium + Semi Bold + Bold + Extra Bold + Black
388 per style (except Rune - 385)